30 May 2018

The Spring Deck Refresh

Seems almost a little late to call this a "spring" refresh but officially it is still spring. Just before this tropical whatever it is were have been having for the past week+ I decided I'd fluff the stuff on the deck.     

I bought the bar cart last summer and never managed to get it styled or photographed.  It was way past time so I brought out some of my fav things to try it out.  I  have a few friends coming over soon so it was good practice to see what worked and how it would look.

Years ya'll..years I've wanted a cone shaped boxwood finally found one!  Then just after finding this one I found another...even larger.  I need to find a large pot for it!
See my wooden potting bench?  Honey picked that up for me!  I've actually used it and not just for entertaining purposes!

Back to this beauty.  I tried to bring out things that were not breakable...much.  I started with the trays.  The acrylic tray on the top bears my monogram and I have to say I use it all the time!  Bestie P had one and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have one.

You knew there would have to be Blue Willow right?  The color was a great contrast with the green in the glasses.  The hand towel along with the flowers soften all the hard edges and surfaces.

Sure wish I could leave these pretties out.  The raccoons that come every night would drag it all out to the woods....seriously they would!
Weeks ago I painted the furniture(something I have to do every other year)and then a a bit later I painted the actual deck(something I have to do every.single.year).  The morning after I painted the deck I awoke to lots of discomfort in my lower back...from of course painting.  Maybe one of the kids can paint the deck next year!

This is the first year I haven't been able to find a red geranium....first it was too cold and then/now it is so wet none of the plants look very good.  Maybe soon I can find at least one!


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