07 February 2019

A New Year, A Clean Attic

It has been an interesting few weeks!  Realizing that you all haven't heard from me in the New Year I feel like you might be owed an explanation!  Did I just say New Year??  Gosh just a few weeks ago it was Christmas and now here we are approaching Valentine's Day!  My January was a crazy one, I was sick with 3 different things that knocked me back by a few weeks!  I feel so behind in every aspect of my life! The day before I ended up with food poisoning, I decided it was time to tackle one of the attic spaces.  John was still home from college so he was an enormous help.  Maybe you recall in an instastory some time ago i mentioned I had 23 lamps in I the attic, the count of lamps is down a bit!   Here are a few photos of how it looked when I started!  

To say it was a disaster would be correct!  Just trying to shove the Christmas stuff that I store in this attic (we have 5 smallish attic spaces) was a huge effort.  This was just one of the loads I took to a local thrift store. 

The plan was to get all this stuff out and then go thru the remaining tubs that hold seasonal items among other treasures!  Then the very next day I had a burger from 5 Guys(I've always loved their burgers)and for the next 5 days I was incredibly sick!  When I walked out that afternoon preburger this is what it looked like AND still looks like!

The weather got cold again and I couldn't even bring myself to open the attic door.  Waiting in the attic is still a mountain of work as you can see from the photos above.  The revised plan is to get in there when life settles back down (maybe next week) and sort through those tubs.  I even need to sweep and put out lots of whatever it takes to rid the attic of the mice that have been calling it home...ya'll that is another blog post entirely! 



  1. Oh my goodness Tamyra! I want to shop in your attic. I'm glad you are feeling better.

  2. AND your car!!!!!
    "Havoc" is the product that you need for your attic. Slightly expensive, but worth EVERY cent!! The mice won't stand a chance!! It even causes the occasional squirrel to think twice.
    Good luck with your cleanout...I have that ahead of me this spring as well. Fortunately, I only have one area, so maybe I will get it done before the 100+° summer sets in :^(
    Be careful as you work,


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