12 February 2019

Blue and White in the Kitchen

Over the past 6 years the glass door cabinets in the kitchen have stayed relatively the same.  Often times I’ve thought that I wanted or needed to change them up and while I did tweak them I never took everything out and started fresh, until recently.

Through the fall and Christmas I collected a few new pieces to go in the cabinets.  The soup tureen is Lenox, it is gorgeous and photos doesn’t do it justice.

For months I’ve wanted to mix some green with all my Blue Willow.  These green Wedgewood plates were an incredible find at Scott’s Antiques.  These plates are often $40 each!   Ya’ll I paid $40 for 4 of these!    My antique buddy had told me I’d never find any for the price I was willing to pay….proved her wrong!! 

These plates are also Wedgewood and I picked these up ages ago at Scott’s.  They’ve been sitting in a cabinet just waiting to come out.  My intention was to put them on the wall in the guest bedroom with some updates I’m planning so these may shift, I have a total of four of these!

One thing I hope to accomplish this year is to either tile or paint the backsplash with something white.  For some reason I find it difficult to commit to a tile project as that is permanent.  The color of the wall and the same color in the curtains and granite just looks icky to me these days.    

I keep thinking if I just painted it white it would give me a bit of an update but could still do the tile at some point.  I’d love to hear what you guys think…please let me know!!!



  1. I love the idea of going lighter on the wall. A plain white subway would be nice and I don't think you would get tired of it. Your kitchen is so pretty and I love the way you displayed the plates. I need to freshen up my glass front cabinets...

  2. I don't think it is icky as is:)
    I think you would like a tile there, but you know you could try the paint first and see if you light it lighter before committing to tile. That way if you don't like the white you can always try something else. Love the plates.


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