11 February 2019

Valentine's Day Cheer

For someone that adores Valentine’s day you should can’t tell by my decorations this year.  With one kid away at college and my other college child always on campus, hardly at home these days I opted to use my bar car as a treat station.  I took all of their favs (Honey’s too) and prettied the bar cart with a few of my fav crystal pieces. 

Since conversation hearts are Honey’s favs and he kept going into the dining room to visit said treat station I opted to move it to the kitchen!

It doesn’t have to be over the top to be special!  I’ve never met a man or kid that doesn’t love a Little Debbie cake and they look so pretty on the marble stand.  Years ago I’d have worked myself to death making cookies from scratch.  I’ve stopped reinventing the wheel and now take the easy way out.  

Happy early Valentine's Day!!!


1 comment

  1. Tamyra,
    Your bar cart looks super cute. Are those extra-large conversation hearts? Those are always fun. My favorites are anything chocolate. LOL


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