08 January 2015

A New Rug in the Foyer

To say that I was thrilled when I walked into an antique store this week and finally found a rug for the foyer would be an understatement! For crying out loud, I've been looking forever for one!  In case you might need a refresher of what the foyer looked like without a rug take a look right here.

I  knew that the colors would work well with the adjacent rooms and it does!

When I first saw the rug I wondered if it was going to be too large as it is a 4X6.  So I went home and measured and promptly went back to get it!

It feels so good to scratch this off my list! Not to mention it feels as if I'm starting the year off right with such a great find!

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  1. What a beautiful rug! And your home is just gorgeous!!! Off to look around some more. :-)

  2. Ohhh I am so glad you went back and got it, it looks like it was made for that space!

  3. Lovely. The perfect touch.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  4. That little commode/bureau is stunning!

  5. The rug is perfect, I love the touch of black. I use black as an accent in many of my rooms. Beautiful foyer!!


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