19 March 2013

Saturday Night Supper

On Friday night, me and Bestie B decided we should get the husbands together and grill for Saturday. B is a legend at hosting dinner parties and is quite possibly the best cook in all of our neighborhood.  Usually, when it is just us, we share the responsibility of  what we are going to have to eat.    B's husband R is a grilling expert and we always leave that detail to him.  We had a giant salad which is always mandatory, a potato dish and grilled corn.  Nobody but nobody grills corn like B & R.  As many times as I try I fail every. single. time.  So I thought it only fair to share her expertise via pics so maybe someone else can make what I can't make.

First, a pic of the big salad.


Here is a step by step in pics of how she prepares the corn.
First she ties the shucks with a piece of yarn after she has washed and silked the corn.
Then she rubs butter all over the ear of corn.

After the butter she puts chili powder, salt, pepper and grated parmesan cheese.

Then the corn goes on the top rack of the grill and cooks for about  20 minutes.  Of course you have to turn it and sometimes you might spritz the shucks with a little bit of water to keep them from burning.
Doesn't that look positively delish?!


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