15 March 2013

Band Concert

Long ago when our youngest son was in second grade he decided that he wanted to play the bassoon.  This decision came out of no where.  To this day the only explanation I can offer is that he likes the sounds of low instruments.  Here is a pic of him the first time he held an actual bassoon with whom would become his instructor.

As precious as this picture is, it is hard not to notice how big the instrument is compared to him.  The instructor told me that if he stayed interested that he would be happy to give lessons, when he grew into the instrument around 5th grade.  Fast forward to the end of 6th grade when they are given the choice of electives.  There was no doubt that he'd be a band kid and mind you I had already decided that he should play the drums.  After all I was already lining up the best studio drummer in all of Nashville to give private lessons over the summer.  He comes home from school one day and proudly announces to me that he has already selected the bassoon.  What can you do but embrace your child's decision and just go with it.  The progress he has made is truly remarkable.  This past weekend his school participated in the city wide band concert.  His school band is 246 members strong which is an impressive number I think.

 My favorite song they played was the theme to Sesame Street.

 After the concert was over a lady came over to us and congratulated him on playing the most difficult instrument in the band.  And yes I was beaming with pride and the fact he had chose to play the bassoon over the drums didn't bother me one little bit!


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