18 March 2013

Painting the Deck

With spring comes the annual painting of the deck and no I'm not kidding, I do this every year!  The deck on our house was painted when we moved in or I would have never ever started doing this.  Why do we paint it ever year you might ask?  Besides the fact it just looks so great when it is fresh, the paint fades and it just looks dirty.  When I have a project I sometimes get really excited and forget to take before pics so here is the best I got when I realized I hadn't already taken them.

 After painting, what else could I do but rearrange everything and I think I like it better this way...at least for now!
In this pic you can see how  badly the side door needs to be repainted.  Weather permitting this will be done by the end of the week.
 Of course new plants/flowers are in the works.
Doesn't that look totally fab? Now if the raccoons don't show up with their muddy paws and track it all up...who am I kidding...they've already been and without a doubt you know I've fed them! 

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