13 March 2013

Pantry Organization

It seems like the recent theme with fellow bloggers is to keep things "real."  Well I've got to confess, my pantry was a "real" hot mess!  The pantry itself is an awkward design as it is nestled under the stairs.  I've been looking at this space for 6 long, suffering years trying to figure out what else I can do and I've determined nothing can be done.  So with that I will work with what I've got!
Without further adieu, here was my pantry.

At this point, I am wondering if anyone else is hearing Carrie Underwood sing, my Mama would be so ashamed.  This goes right up there with I can't believe I've shown this disgraceful  disorganized pantry.  But wait, I've got one more you've got to be kidding photo.
This was everything that was out of date and or stale, don't judge!  At any rate the wild life behind our house ate well that night and yes deer will eat Special K, in case anyone was wondering.
Moving on.  Here is a shot of the better organized and clean pantry.
There is no excuse to be offered as to why I have not already configured the pantry this way.  It is functioning so much better for all of us.

1 comment

  1. Now THAT is an amazing transformation! It doesn't even look like the same space. And look at all of the glorious floor space! Great job, Tamyra!


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