12 January 2015

The Dining Room with a New Rug

Who doesn't like free? Last year when I attended a blog conference in Atlanta, those bloggers that participated in doing a video about why we needed new floor covering were gifted a rug of our selection.  When I say "rug" what I really mean is a piece of bound carpet.  Shaw Floors offered several designs and colors for us to select from.  The piece I selected was gray/white.  The plan was to lay this 6X9 rug on top of our dreadful bedroom carpet that is in desperate need of being replaced.

The only problem that I hadn't taken into account is that the current carpet is brown and trust me when I say that the new rug was not going to work there.  So I rolled up the new rug and it laid, in the foyer the entire month of December.  Yes all the way through Christmas!  Guests just stepped over it.   

I pondered what I should do with the rug.....and pondered some more.  Then when I took the Christmas decor down it hit me.  Why not give it a try in the dining room?  So I recruited John to help with the transition, never underestimate the "willingness to help" of a 14 year old boy!  After all he did do all the heavy lifting!

Ever since moving in 8 years ago I've wanted a rug in the dining room and while I hadn't planned on this particular rug it absolutely works!  For now!  So a very big thanks to Shaw Floors for my new rug!

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  1. I LOVE this rug! I have been looking for a new one for our living room. We have the same colors as your dining room in our living room. I'm going to have to check out Shaw... hopefully they have a nice runner that matches it!

  2. That colour goes really well with your dining room!

  3. I think the rug looks beautiful against those floors. It works!

  4. It looks great! The pattern is beautiful!

  5. It looks lovely. I think it suits the dinning room fine. I love the color of your walls.

  6. Lovely run for your dining room. The pattern is soft and pleasing. Coming over from BOBB.

  7. Love the rug and it looks GREAT in your dining room! Well done!


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