21 January 2015

Master Bath Reveal

At long last I am sharing our master bath.  Before I show you all the before here is just a glimpse of the update so you can better appreciate.

 Apologies for the blurry picture but this is the only picture I have before we ripped everything out.
Mentally it was cold.  As in freeze your fanny off cold.  The white tile that you can't see from this pic was slick, when you stepped out of the shower you'd nearly bust that frozen fanny off.  The cabinetry had a cherry finish and all the hardware was gold/brass. The absolute worst thing in the entire bathroom was that the electrical outlet was inside one of those drawers.  Now that you have all gasped in disbelief about that let me paint a pic...everything in that "drawer" had to come out you wanted to say...dry your hair.   Please note the outlet to the left of the mirror, it has a sister on the other side of the tower.

The first thing I picked out was the tile that would go down  I wanted a color that would warm the room up and textures...lots of texture so I wouldn't fall anymore.
The cabinets were custom build by a contractor here in Auburn  per a design I came up with.  Before the cabinets had shallow drawers, only deep enough for cosmetics and a tooth brush. So I knew I wanted deep drawers! My FF(forever friend) Jamie had a tower in her her bathroom so I copied that.  Now...we have storage!  The tower just sits atop the counter but could easily be hung on the wall.
If I am going to be totally honest, the one thing I'd change now is the finish on the cabinets.  At the time we had them glazed, I was into it.  Now I'd like a more clean look so expect them to be repainted sometime soon!

Surely ya'll knew there would be Staffordshire!  The towel holder actually came from France and is a bamboo hat rack.  The granite was of course one of the biggest expense in the remodel. The sinks are by Kohler and were an inch smaller than what I wanted but now I don't even notice the difference.      

 The shower before was just plain glass.  Yes I do know that is the style.  But let me say that it is a pain to keep it free of water spots.  So I elected to use a finish called rain, looks like rain drops rolling down a glass and guess what...no water spots!
The tub looks inviting doesn't it?  Eight years ya'll and I've never been in it. EVER.  Other than to clean it!  If it weren't for resale I'd have ripped it right out and put a gorgeous vanity there.  It is high time ya'll know that I am waaayyy too hyper to ever just relax in a tub.
Don't you just love this wall vignette?  I copied it, yep I'm a big ole copy cat from Bestie N's bathroom!  I'm glad she doesn't mind. After all isn't that a huge compliment right?!

The spot where the chandy is, had just a plain old boob light.  The chandy was originally in the master bedroom but was replaced due to my need for a ceiling fan. The original owner of the home had the fixture brought from Prague.  Honestly, I don't care for it.  One day when I find the perfect replacement I will call the previous owner and ask her if she wants it back as she adores it!

Sure hope you have enjoyed my lengthy post on the master bath.

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  1. Stunning, Tamyra! Love the changes!

  2. Gorgeous! You did a great job. Now, I beg of you, GET IN THE TUB!!!! :)

  3. It's really beautiful, Tamyra. It does look very warm and inviting and elegant at the same time. Great job!

  4. Pretty! Just found your blog, and I think we are decorating soul mates!

  5. Beautiful! I especially love the bathtub space. We have the same cubbie with the same window and I love the column treatment! I also have an awkward slanted corner to the left of it and I see you have a linen closet....that may be our answer. :) New to your blog and can't wait to see more!

  6. Your master bathroom looks gorgeous. I will be featuring this at my Winter Blues Wednesday party that opens tonight at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I've Been Featured button. Thanks. http://diybydesign.blogspot.com

  7. It is gorgeous!! I especially love the tower on the vanity. We are SORELY lacking storgae so would love to do that too. Everything looks beautiful.


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