20 January 2015

Family Room Update 2.0

Gosh ya'll, it has been ages since I've shown the family room off.  As a matter of fact it has been almost 2 years since the reveal, to take a walk down memory lane here is what it looked like last time you saw it.

It was a refreshing look considering where it was before!  Still love the custom drapes as much as I did the day they were hung!
As the story goes, you buy one thing and that changes something else.  Such was the story of the family room.
So take a gander at it now!!!

Please note the antlers in the upper right above the french doors.  Honey was very surprised and delighted to see one set of many hanging (finally) inside the house! Bestie N insisted that I hang a few other antlers around, we picked those up at Scott's.

The above portrait of an English Naval Officer caught my attention a few months back on a "pickin" trip.  He is headed above the mantle just as soon as I find a replacement for this spot.  The lamp...don't you just love the lamp?!  Picked it up at Scott's back in November, it was love at first sight.

The wooden shield over the tv armoire is a piece I discovered or rather uncovered in a junk store over in Columbus, Georgia.  It is solid wood and looks to be hand carved.  It is in two pieces fixed together, a wing nut/bolt holds the front shield to the birds.  The sales lady believed it to be from either Spain or Russia.  After I got home, I Googled wooden shields from Russia and this one looks like several of the ones I found.

The vignette on this table has changed up a few times since I moved the gate leg table into position.  The large blue and white platter came from England, the guys at Sweet Home Plantation brought it back from one of their shopping trips.  About a year ago I decided that I needed as many English Oak Biscuit barrels as I could find...Sister joined me in the latest obsession!  To finish the vignette off I just added a few of my fav design books.

This is still the prettiest corner in our house!

This is perhaps my fav photo of the family room.  I absolutely love the look of it....for now!

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  1. I liked the before, but the after, wow! It's amazing what adding just a few touches does to a room. It looks so warm and cozy. And the whole setup with the three framed pictures and furniture piece, leading off to the room to the right, is perfect!

  2. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL room Tamyra!! I love how a little change can give a room a whole new look!

  3. Tamyra, this is a gorgeous room! I love your custom drapes and all the English accents! You're right, the corner with the chair is a gorgeous vignette and my favorite area also!

  4. The blue willow platter caught my eye at the Savvy Southern Style link party! Your room is so comfortable and happy looking!

  5. Your collected treasures are the crowning touch for this beautiful room! It looks so comfortable and inviting. I would love to see some pictures from the Sweet Home Plantation sale. Actually, I would really love to go to the sale even more!

  6. What a very neat family room! I love the way everything is positioned on the table :)

  7. Your room is beautiful, Tamyra. You have so many special treasures that give it that special touch!


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