06 February 2017

A New Look for the Kitchen Buffet

It is it always funny how getting one new piece can impact an entire vignette or space.  This happens all the time in my world of blogging.  Recently, this happened when I finally found a mirrored tray.  I walked all over the house with it and finally decided the kitchen buffet could use a new look, I hadn't changed it up in forever!  Take a peak here to see how it looked before.

With the tray in its new spot I began the process of shopping the house.  The decanters would stay, just shifted from one tray to this one. The antique blue and white creamer holds various pieces of flatware I've collected and inherited.  Adding a piece of Staffordshire always gives color and brightens a space.

 Don't you just love this tray?  I picked it up for a sweet $16 at an antique store even though it is not an antique.  The tag says World Market with a sticker price of 29.99 should you wanna rush out and grab one.  It is the lowest price for a mirrored tray I've seen and they are still in the stores!

The tole lamp remained on the buffet, it gives a nice warm glow in the evenings.  The blue and white piece just needed a bit of greenery.

Yes you are seeing just fine, the cat's water dispenser is sitting right beside the buffet.  When I move it from the kitchen we forget to fill the dish and then all 3 cats are without water.  We have no idea why Cody feels the need to sit by the dispenser but he does this whether it is full or empty.

At least 3 times a year I debate replacing the mirror with a painting.  Maybe one day.

Here's wishing you  great Monday!

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  1. It is lovely. World Market did good with that one. The vignette looks great and life with pets means they pick where you put their items:)


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