13 February 2017

Coffee Table Vignette

Our coffee table serves many purposes, it plays host to supper, homework, a place for the cats to nap and most importantly a place to display some of my prized possessions.  Since the coffee table wears many hats in our home I always have to consider this when I am styling it.  I tried several different looks for the coffee table only photographing a few, there were many trials and errors!

The brass tray that was on the kitchen buffet was rehomed to the coffee table and that provides the foundation of the decor.  In addition to the brass tray the other constant for the coffee table is the stack of Charles Faudree decorating books with a magnifying glass.   These are always on the coffee table so I can easily grab one and take a look.  I tried the pair of mercury glass candlesticks along with an English biscuit barrel.  Frankly, it just didn't work for me...I wasn't feeling it as my 16 year old says.

The next look I tried was pretty close but still not exactly what I wanted.  The Blue Willow soup tureen holds a piece of fern and brings much needed color to the tray as does the small piece of Staffordshire.

When I removed the wooden candlestick and replaced it with a monogrammed decanter the heavens opened up and I heard angels sing...this was it!  This tray holds some of my all time go to pieces.

Happy Monday Ya'll!

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  1. Playing with table vignettes is fun! Yours looks great. I need to redo a couple of tabletops right now. ha! Sheila

  2. Love all the vignettes - when I have matching height candlesticks like your mercury glass, I always raise one a bit higher (with a book)! I love your tureen with plant, and the other blue touches in your room, so pretty!


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