14 February 2017

The Laundry Room Update

As in most homes, our laundry room sees a lot of action.  It seems as if I am in and out of the room all through the day. Having updated the laundry room color a few years after we moved in, I decided it was time for a change.  In case you wanna take a look at the before here you go.

After painting over the blue in the dining room I must admit, I've missed having a blue room.  Pouring over the numerous options at Benjamin Moore, Nelson Blue was the color that won out.

The room seems so light and airy....ya'll I LOVE it!  The moment I saw the swatch of paint a coastal feeling swept over me.  The baskets on the shelves are from TJMaxx, kinda hard to tell but they have a bit of a wash on them that lends to that beachy feel.

The beach oil painting from my office made a move to the laundry room...for now.  The colors in the painting go beautifully with the paint!  If you are wondering what I have in those baskets I'll come clean.  On the lower shelves, one holds all my fragrance items, like extra reeds for my reed diffusers along with other plug in scents and warmers, room sprays too.  The other has my police scanner.  Yes you read that right, a police scanner.  For now the upper ones are empty.  I keep the clear file box with a calendar on the front.  It has things that need to be mailed along with a file for each of our boys.

We have 3 cats so litter boxes are a necessity.  Along side the litter boxes there is a drawer organizer that holds an assortment of what I refer to as "my tools."  This is short for "they better not end up at the farm Honey!"  See the odd little door to the side of the shelves?  That is under the stairs storage, you will never see inside! Ha!

It seemed like a good spot for a couple of my Alison Evan oyster plates.  The oil painting over the laundry sink remains unframed as I have not made a decision as to how I want it framed, for 4 years! Seriously, it has been in the guest bedroom closet until I moved it in here.

It never ceases to amaze me how a fresh coat of paint on something cant change your entire attitude toward it!
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  1. Looks so bright and fresh! Laundry doesn't seems so daunting with this beautiful update.

  2. Tamyra, Your laundry room looks great! The color you picked is perfect for it. The whole room looks so peaceful (which seems like a strange thing to say about a laundry room LOL, but it looks amazing)! Glad you pulled that painting out...it is too pretty to be stuck in a closet. Kathy


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