03 February 2017

Shopping at Hanna's Antiques in Birmingham

One of my greatest pleasures as you might have guessed is antique shopping.  The actual trip is almost as exhilarating as the potential purchase of antiques.  For me just to see pretty things is sometimes enough.  I love the history that pieces tell.  Recently, along with my antique buddy we headed to Birmingham, to Hanna's Antiques for their January sale event.  I wouldn't dare make a trip with out sharing it with you all!

This tole tray coffee table could have easily fit right into the car and made the trip back to Auburn....but it didn't.

The above dealer visits England often and brings lots of smalls back with her.  She has a booth filled with lots of pretties!

From across the room the plate rack had my heart, but not my checkbook.  Leaving it behind was the only option I had but it goes down as the most fab piece in the store for me!

Hello, my name is Tamyra and I am a lampaholic.  The only New Year's Resolution I made this year was to not buy another single lamp.  I'd never pay that for a lamp but I don't doubt it's worth!

I do love a barley twist anything and this chair was gorgeous!

Out of the entire store this booth was my fav.  If you squint real hard you can see the toile pillows on the Chippendale sofa I left behind, the pair was only $25 which is a steal!  But the real story in this pic is the pair of chairs in the front view.  I'm telling you I could have loaded those up, brought them home and put the club chairs on the curb and never looked back!  It pained me to walk away those chairs!


 I did pick up a couple things from this booth, I'll share those another day! Don't let the price tags of the items I've shared make you thing that they only have super high end pieces, there are prices for everyone's budget!  If you ever find yourself in Birmingham, AL be sure and stop by, Hanna's won't disappoint!

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  1. I've only been to Birmingham a couple of times but I'm pinning this in case I go again. This looks like my kind of store!!


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