12 February 2017

Valentine's in the Kitchen

Happy Valentine's Friends!

I've always enjoyed celebrating Valentine's day.  When my boys were young I would just really go over the top.  Now that they are 21 and 16 they aren't too into Mom doing much for Vday.  They are pretty good sports and play along for my enjoyment. Just a simple treat makes me feel like I've still done something without going over the top that they wouldn't think was cool.  I love to pick up these flavored sodas at the grocery stores along with a cookies.

Years ago I'd have them both in the kitchen and we'd make cookies, decorate them.

Do you still have children at home to make things special for, even if it is just something simple?

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  1. My now adult kids will still be looking for heart shaped brownies! I guess you're never too old for a sweet treat!

  2. I used to go over the top too, but with grown girls I don't do as much. However, tomorrow I will be having my oldest and her four girls for lunch and hubby will take our her two sons to someplace special. My other daughter and her four were supposed to come, but one is sick with a nasty cold and since we leave for AZ on Wednesday they graciously bowed out. I did take their goodies to them though.
    Love your decorations.


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