22 February 2017

An English Oak Table

Way back in January while recovering from the procedure on my esophagus my antique buddy took me over to the tent sale at Sweet Home Antiques.  I found a few things (actually there were plenty) I wanted to bring home.

This simple English Oak table was calling my name.  It was perfect timing as I had already thought I'd like to replace the table that sat between the sofa and Honey's chair.  This side table is very similar in size and shape as the one that was in the same spot before.

 This table has beautiful carvings and the finish was a bit more polished than the one it replaced.

The one thing that this side table doesn't have that the other did is a shelf on the bottom.  I've improvised by using a basket filled with decorating books.

 Right about now I should confess something.  This lamp is not plugged in, notice how the cord is tucked underneath the table?  The reason for this is that we have no down plugs and apparently they are no longer up to code so we will never have a down plug.😒I've tried not having a lamp on the table but it just feels visually wrong.

Can't wait to share with you all where the other table went!

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  1. Beautiful table, Tamyra. The codes must be different here- we had an outlet put in the floor of our living room when we built this house.


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