17 August 2017

Disguising The Thermostat

Ages ago I share with  you all how I camouflaged the thermostat and the return vent that is in our family room.  It has been a while since I posted so if you are new to the blog you can check it out here.

Our upstairs hall also has a thermostat, return vent and door bell box all on one very small wall.  I've tried to hang pics around it but never with as much charisma as I should have had.

 Last week at Scott's Antiques I picked up 2 small horse prints.  As soon as I saw them I knew they were destined for the wall with the thermostat.

Adding a few more horse prints and a couple of English military plaques gave it a very equestrian feel, which is my theme for this area.

While I do still notice the thermostat along with the other necessary fixtures, having a "collection" of items does seem to give it a better look.

Of course you are all noticing that I need to paint around the thermostat.  We had to replace the former one and this one is a bit smaller, leaving the yellow ring...ya'll the house was almost all painted the bright yellow!  I like yellow but the whole too much of a good thing popped instantly into my head.  We've been here now 10+ years and I'm pondering repainting this area so, I've not gone to the trouble to try to match paint.

Do you have walls like this and if you do what have you done to hide those necessary items?

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  1. I agree...the gallery surrounding it looks great. The attention is on the gallery. Very nice choice of art.


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