21 August 2017

My New/Old Secretary

For as long as I can recall I've adored secretaries...as in the furniture secretaries.There isn't a time in my adult life that I haven't wanted a secretary.  I even bought this one when we lived in Oklahoma, only, only thing is that it was missing the upper part.....the pretty part!

Then it happened, I became the owner of a beautiful secretary.  After much thought I decided the best spot for it was in the living room.

 After much time on Pinterest searching secretaries, the styling began.  I started with pieces I already have and adore.  Staffordshire, leather bound books, trophies and Blue Willow are just a couple of things I shopped the house for.   The only things to pick up were a couple more leather books and  a lamp.  Just so you all know, leather books are always an easy find at Scott's Antiques.  Typically you can pick those up for around $7-15 each.  The  Blue Willow lamp was originally intended for the kitchen, she fits right in here in the living room!  I found her at a darling antique store,  I plan on sharing that store soon as it is one of my new fav places to shop!

The girandoles that I've had for well over a year, fit perfectly atop the secretary along with my Blue Willow platter.

The secretary is an older piece, not necessarily an antique though.  Her claw feet are magnificent and certainly adds to the character.  I'm over the moon to finally have one, she was definitely worth the wait!  Do you have something that you have been searching for?  I'd love to hear what it might be!

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  1. It is beautiful and you have styled it well. Congratulations on your secretary. I feel that way about my buffet in my dining room. I have loved them and when I saw it I knew I had to have. Fortunately the hubby agreed.

  2. I inherited my mother's secretary and like you, I've placed it in my living room. I like to keep the lower portion closed, but have used the upper portion to display my husband's biographies of the U.S. Presidents. The space, rather deceptively, holds quite a few books. I call it my, Presidential Library!

  3. Love your styling! We have one that we bought from an estate sale that is a almost exactly like yours! My unicorn, though, is a tea cart! I don't want one that is too bulky or has the large wheels, and I've seen the perfect one that didn't come with the perfect price :-( ,so I keep searching. I will get it one day, just having to wait is the hard part!

    War Eagle!
    Audra (c/o '95)


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