15 August 2017

New Curtains

Ever since I changed out the rug in our dining room I've been on the look out for new curtains.  The colors in the rug are vibrant and I felt as if I should go with a more subdued look for the curtains.  While I would have loved to have been able to get a pair custom made, it was just not in the budget.
That meant I was going to have to try to find curtains that were ready made.  Have you noticed that almost all the curtains have grommets?  Truthfully....that is not the look I'm going for.  This complicated the process of curtain shopping because this was all I could seem to find!

While at work one day(at Pier 1) as I helped a customer shop for curtains, I saw some that I decided might work in the dining room. But darn it they had those grommets. After much debate with my Mother, we decided that if I bought the longer panels she could cut off  the section with grommets. Then she would sew a pleat...yippee!!!  It took her a good while to get the job accomplished but she pulled it off!  I couldn't love them more!

They really are a big improvement in the dining room and I adore how they complete the vision I had for the space.

In case you too like these curtains they are still available at Pier 1.  I'll drop the link for you here.  Be warned though, the curtains are lined and a bit on the thick side.  I'm trying to find a way to add weights to the hem so they will hang a little better.  My hope is the longer they hang they will fall a bit more into a relaxed position.

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  1. I agree they add the perfect touch to the space. I saw this on another blog and it worked for me. You take them and get them folded in layers and tie a string about a third way down and then another about 2/3's down and let them stay that way a couple of days and they will hang more like the folds better. I used this method on some in one of my rooms. It worked pretty good and then with a little more time hung quite nicely.

  2. Beautiful. I love floor length draperies. I agree with Sandy on the folding technique. If folding is not what you want to do...for a quick weight method insert drapery weights (Joanns) or hex nuts or washers (home depot) into the hem and position them thru-out the hem line. Sounds crazy I know but it works. As a (retired) custom window treatment decorator we had lots of quick tricks. However, they look beautiful...Mom did a great job!


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