22 August 2017

The Perfect Tole Lamp

If you've followed this blog for any amount of time you know I have a thing for lamps.  Often times when I'm out antique shopping it takes great restraint to not bring home lamps.  Last week at Scott's I showed no signs of restraint when I saw this beauty.  It was lamp love at first sight!

This vendor had the most incredible pieces, her entire space was filled with items from an estate sale in Florida.

Most antique shoppers will say "just buy it you will find a place for it."  Ya'll I can't do that anymore...where lamps are concerned.  I have 27 sitting in the attic and I haven't even counted how many are out through our home.  My rule is I have to know where I'm going to put something before I buy it.  When I saw this lamp I had no idea where it was going...maybe the new secretary... maybe the bedroom I just knew I had to bring her home!  After walking all over the house with her she landed in a spot I hadn't previously thought of, the gate leg table in the family room.

Ya'll the lamp is gorgeous and fits right in with the other pieces that were already on the table.  With the change of the seasons coming no doubt the composition of the table will  change.

I often wonder why I'm so obsessed  attracted to lamps ,what is that one thing you can't say no to?

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  1. The lamp was a total score. I love toleware. I have a few pieces in my home and I actually made a lamp using a tole planter. But yours is a beauty and it looks smashing on the table with your Blue Willow.

  2. Lamps make the room cozy and that one was a great find! I'm smiling that you have so many in your attic. I have several in a closet...not that many though. ;)


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