09 August 2017

Senior Year 2017-2018

And so it begins, the year that all mother's dread....the last first day of school.  I type this with an enormous lump in my throat, tears fill my eyes, our youngest begins his senior year today.

His graduating class of almost 600 will be the first in the brand new Auburn High School.  The community was invited to tour the new school earlier this summer.  It is impressive to say the least.  I have a post coming later about the campus.

The year of last first began earlier this summer at band camp.

As he drove out of the driveway this morning I couldn't help but recall all those times I drove him to school and the conversations we had.  I often think that those were sometimes the best talks that I ever had with either of our sons.

 Back a few years ago I saw a hashtag on Instagram that struck a cord with me.


Here is wishing everyone a great first day of school!!!

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