24 August 2017

My Latest Fav Cleaning Product

We interrupt this normally scheduled blog post about rearranging things in my home to bring you something incredible!  When we were on vacation this past summer the condo that we rented had been recently renovated.  The new owners have done an exceptional job with everything in their property, right down to the cleaning products.  I had never seen a a spray mop like this one.
Rubbermaid Reveal Spray mop

Reveal by Rubbermaid

Where has this mop been all my life?!  It is ideal!  It doesn't need batteries, the mop head is washable and I can use my own cleaner in the refillable bottle.  There are no products that I have to keep buying or running out of.  I promptly text the owners and ask what solution they had put in their Rubbermaid Reveal and she was more than happy to respond.  Mostly, I think she was shocked that I was literally losing my mind over this spray mop.  The ingredients were simple, cleaning vinegar, water and Mr. Clean .  EASY!!!!  Smells incredible and it cleans so well!

On our way home I found one at our local big box hardware store and bought it online.  Heaven forbid someone else beat me to it, it was waiting for me when I popped in the store.
I must admit that I probably use the mop at least once a day on our hot spots, think kitchen and laundry room.  After going on and on to Bestie K, she also went and picked one up.  We both can't say enough good things about this product.
Rubbermaid Reveal mop

The trigger is a pump trigger that is easy to press.

I would like to mention this, I have no plans to ever fill the bottle more than half way full for fear that it could possibly leak.  With my former spray mop, I removed the cleaning bottle solution everytime after I mopped for concern that it could leak.  In addition to not filling it all the way up, I have no plans to ever put a liquid that could damage any of my floors as in bleach.  Keep that in mind should you ever pick one of these up.  To say that I am EXTREMELY pleased with the Rubbermaid Reveal would be a complete understatement.  No more of the milky residue from my previous spray mop.  The frequency by which I mop my floors has absolutely been changed by this amazing product.
I'd like to add this is not a paid or sponsored post by Rubbermaid, but if they'd like to reach out to me I'm waiting! Ha!  My goal is to always share with you guys products that I love...be it antiques, furniture and yes even cleaning products!!
Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop

With that I I'm off to mop my floors!!!

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