Disguising The Thermostat

Ages ago I share with  you all how I camouflaged the thermostat and the return vent that is in our family room.  It has been a while since I posted so if you are new to the blog you can check it out here.

Our upstairs hall also has a thermostat, return vent and door bell box all on one very small wall.  I've tried to hang pics around it but never with as much charisma as I should have had.

 Last week at Scott's Antiques I picked up 2 small horse prints.  As soon as I saw them I knew they were destined for the wall with the thermostat.

Adding a few more horse prints and a couple of English military plaques gave it a very equestrian feel, which is my theme for this area.

While I do still notice the thermostat along with the other necessary fixtures, having a "collection" of items does seem to give it a better look.

Of course you are all noticing that I need to paint around the thermostat.  We had to replace the former one and this one is a bit smaller, leaving the yellow ring...ya'll the house was almost all painted the bright yellow!  I like yellow but the whole too much of a good thing popped instantly into my head.  We've been here now 10+ years and I'm pondering repainting this area so, I've not gone to the trouble to try to match paint.

Do you have walls like this and if you do what have you done to hide those necessary items?

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Summer Styled Bar Cart

I couldn't let the summer slip away without posting a pic of my summer bar cart.  I'm not sure I'll be able to take the Lily tray off come fall.  The fun colors have made me so happy every time I've walked by it!

Having a bar cart is adds a bit of versatility as well as whimsy into my seasonal decor.  Those shell high ball glasses would have never came home with me before the bar cart!

My little blue and white lamp moved to the bar cart it is a perfect fit!  Over the years I've purchased many pieces that I adore, topping the list is the bar cart I picked up this past spring.  If you wanna refresh your memory of my spring cart check it out here.

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New Curtains

Ever since I changed out the rug in our dining room I've been on the look out for new curtains.  The colors in the rug are vibrant and I felt as if I should go with a more subdued look for the curtains.  While I would have loved to have been able to get a pair custom made, it was just not in the budget.
That meant I was going to have to try to find curtains that were ready made.  Have you noticed that almost all the curtains have grommets?  Truthfully....that is not the look I'm going for.  This complicated the process of curtain shopping because this was all I could seem to find!

While at work one day(at Pier 1) as I helped a customer shop for curtains, I saw some that I decided might work in the dining room. But darn it they had those grommets. After much debate with my Mother, we decided that if I bought the longer panels she could cut off  the section with grommets. Then she would sew a pleat...yippee!!!  It took her a good while to get the job accomplished but she pulled it off!  I couldn't love them more!

They really are a big improvement in the dining room and I adore how they complete the vision I had for the space.

In case you too like these curtains they are still available at Pier 1.  I'll drop the link for you here.  Be warned though, the curtains are lined and a bit on the thick side.  I'm trying to find a way to add weights to the hem so they will hang a little better.  My hope is the longer they hang they will fall a bit more into a relaxed position.

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A Tantalus for Tamyra

Have you ever heard of a tantalus?  Do you know what they are?  Don't feel bad if you don't, I'd a never heard the word tantalus until a couple years ago when my antique pal was looking for one.  A tantalus, mainly British is a rack or stand that contains decanters, liquors or wines that are secured with a lock.

I've seen them in several antique stores and Scott's Antiques, typically they have a pretty hefty price tag. If the rack contains the entire original decanter set and the key they can range over $1000. While I liked them I knew that they were a bit out of my price range so, I was more than satisfied to just admire them.

While mostly just window shopping earlier this year I literally stumbled upon a tantalus.  I picked up the price tag and it said $40....I looked at the tag again in sheer disbelief and called my much younger shopping companion over to verify the price.  Sure enough it was $40, the set of decanters were missing one of the stoppers and one of the bottles has a crack.  Those 2 factors contributed to the low price of the tantalus.

In spite of the condition of the bottle and missing stopper the set came home with me.  Every now and then you see sets of decanters that aren't in a rack for sale, I actually already own a set of 2, maybe I'll get lucky again and find one that matches either set I have or at the least a matching stopper.

It is a pretty cool piece and I'm delighted to have added this to my collection of English antiques!

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Senior Year 2017-2018

And so it begins, the year that all mother's dread....the last first day of school.  I type this with an enormous lump in my throat, tears fill my eyes, our youngest begins his senior year today.

His graduating class of almost 600 will be the first in the brand new Auburn High School.  The community was invited to tour the new school earlier this summer.  It is impressive to say the least.  I have a post coming later about the campus.

The year of last first began earlier this summer at band camp.

As he drove out of the driveway this morning I couldn't help but recall all those times I drove him to school and the conversations we had.  I often think that those were sometimes the best talks that I ever had with either of our sons.

 Back a few years ago I saw a hashtag on Instagram that struck a cord with me.


Here is wishing everyone a great first day of school!!!

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